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What Are Top .Net Shops Doing That You Are Not?

Checklist Top .Net shops aren’t ignoring the buzz that individual and workplace culture alignment have value. In fact, the shops that tend to have the highest levels of innovation are paying close attention to the needs and work habits of their staff to see what makes them tick. Many business leaders in the technology field are figuring out that having a good understanding of your talent – culture needs, personality characteristics, reactions under stress/pressure and judgment/problem solving skills (the whole-person) – is the secret sauce to success.

Paige Technologies, working in conjunction with a leading Ph. D Industrial/Organizational Psychologist, has systematically studied the top .Net Developer shops in Kansas City through their Intelligent Pairing Assessment ™ and Process. They have also gathered whole-person data on over 400 developers in Kansas City making this the most comprehensive database of company/developer information in the industry.

That brings us to the big question: Is there a secret sauce to hiring developers? We say, “yes”; the data certainly points to some not so obvious characteristics and culture needs that are worth noting. The following represents values and environmental factors that are consistent across .Net shops:

1)  While each company’s environment will vary slightly, the data show that being comfortable 
with change, working without clear direction, and taking necessary risks is valued in a .Net Developer environment. Organization’s are looking for .Net Developers who are open to new ideas and desire a work place where having flexibility to problem solve in unique ways and without fear of retribution is tantamount to success. (Culture)

2)  Organizations emphasize a .Net Developers ability to produce a well thought through product where all pieces fit together nicely – like a tight puzzle. Creating visually appealing, customer friendly, quality products are additional benefits in this field. (Culture)

3)  Top shop .Net Developers collaborate when solving problems, are good team members, but also stay focused on their own work. Power seeking and “cowboy” behaviors undermine success. (Culture)

4)  Top .Net Developers show a strong dedication to goals despite obstacles. They need individual ambition and drive to achieve, including strong focus on meeting deadlines, setting expectations, and being independent. (Personality)

5)  As is true with most new technologies, .Net Developers have to want to keep up-to-date on the latest industry developments and have a strong passion for continuous learning. Intelligent, curious, and innovative people fit well in these positions. (Personality)

6)  While flexibility is needed, especially during brainstorming, once there is a set direction, successful .Net Developers become consistent, solid planners with good organizational skills. This nuance between flexibility and planning is an area few recruiting organizations have the bandwidth to discriminate on. (Development)

7)  Subtly, top .Net shops want flexibility, but also need developers to be willing to put aside self-interests for the good of the group – not an easy find in this world of bloated salaries. Stubbornness and an unwillingness to move in the company’s stated direction will not work, which is why Intelligent Pairing culture fit is key to employment longevity. (Development)

8)  Not surprisingly, the ability to make quick decisions and to formulate a successful action plan is highly valued. In a crisis, or under tight deadlines, waiting around until “sure” of a decision will likely result in lost productivity. (Judgment)

9)  That said, once implemented, organizations want .Net Developers to look for quick feedback loops and define data based confirmation that the chosen direction is correct. Those who do not lean on data do not last long in top .Net Developer shops. (Judgment)

With their focus on the people, it’s no wonder these top shops can tout innovation, vision, high project achievement, increased problem solving ability and low turnover. There are common characteristics amongst developers, but it’s important to remember the nature of each shop will vary somewhat. The real secret sauce is the understanding of your unique environment and your talent’s whole-person through proper assessment of judgment, culture needs, work-habits, behavior and development. This will give you the keys to building a powerhouse team that is working for the good of the company and bigger success. When you follow the proper process to assure people are aligned with culture the payoff crosses business operations, strategy and marketing. It’s a win-win-win.