Intelligent Pairing. Perpetual Success.

The Big Picture, Not Just BIG Data

hap_wrk_12 The acquisition and retention of talent is seemingly a quandary. Organizations of all sizes spend significant amounts of time and money thinking through the hiring process to devise systems that automate, scrub resumes for talent matches and search extensively on the Internet for experience and knowledge correlations to the open jobs. The bottom line, competition for talent is fierce but the key to acquiring good talent isn’t in automated customary approaches. For mutually beneficial long-term success or co-destiny you must find where organizations and individuals pair up fundamentally.

Employers continue to drop carrots in the form of dollar signs, corner offices, vacation perks, and impressive titles to lure in top technology talent, but then end up scratching their heads at high turnover and employee discontent and lack of drive.  In boardrooms leaders are asking why employees are voicing dissatisfaction and why overpowering egos are bogging down success pipelines and driving up HR costs. As a result, cross-department collaboration suffers and innovation often becomes stagnate. All of this because of withering organizational culture due to individual and workplace mismatches.

In Partnership with JDL Group, Paige developed a proprietary assessment called the IPA (Intelligent Pairing Assessment) that measures individual and organizational compatibility potential then pulls from a database which houses measurements of historical trends including corporate culture, individual drivers and job performance based on personality types and organizational workplace traits.  Through the IPA people are paired with organizations based on culture trends and raw intelligence for discovering the whole person (the big picture), not just big data created from franchised assessments largely grounded in singular personality segments. The IPA is like a full-body MRI – you evaluate the “whole” person, so what you see is really what you get.

The BIG picture, not just BIG data:
(Big Picture White Paper)

  • Experience/Skills
  • Technical Mindset
  • Positive Work Attributes
  • Culture Fit
  • Negative Work Attributes

Hiring the wrong candidate for the job could cost up to five times the bad hire’s annual salary.  In addition, the higher the person’s position – and the longer they remain in that position – the more it will cost to replace him or her.
According to a study conducted by Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM)