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Top 5 Reasons Companies Struggle With Hiring Tech Talent

There is a continuous struggle to hire and keep the top tier of tech talent. The good news, the talent is available, businesses just need to learn how to attract and retain the best of the best. Keep in mind; what’s good for your company may not be good for the company across town. If […]

The Big Picture, Not Just BIG Data

The acquisition and retention of talent is seemingly a quandary. Organizations of all sizes spend significant amounts of time and money thinking through the hiring process to devise systems that automate, scrub resumes for talent matches and search extensively on the Internet for experience and knowledge correlations to the open jobs. The bottom line, competition […]

What’s in Your Playbook?

We’ve all seen the child whose dad was an all-star football player – like father like son when it comes to athletic ability and natural field instincts, but unwilling to utilize his talents and dreams of the day he can finally hang up his cleats.  Completely perplexing; after all, it seems so logical – an […]