Intelligent Pairing. Perpetual Success.

Three Ways to Determine Workplace Fit

We’ve all had that feeling at one time or another where you feel completely out of place. The thought “what am I doing here?” runs repeatedly through your mind. After a very short period of time your fight or flight mode kicks in with either “I will endure this no matter what happens because I […]

Three Pillars of Culture: Values. Vision. Voice.

Culture runs deep inside companies to the very root of “who” they are and “why” they exist. If a company says they don’t play into or believe in culture . . . they better think again. All companies have culture: functional or dysfunctional, intentional or unintentional – culture exists by the mere fact that people […]

Top 5 Reasons Companies Struggle With Hiring Tech Talent

There is a continuous struggle to hire and keep the top tier of tech talent. The good news, the talent is available, businesses just need to learn how to attract and retain the best of the best. Keep in mind; what’s good for your company may not be good for the company across town. If […]

What Are Top .Net Shops Doing That You Are Not?

Top .Net shops aren’t ignoring the buzz that individual and workplace culture alignment have value. In fact, the shops that tend to have the highest levels of innovation are paying close attention to the needs and work habits of their staff to see what makes them tick. Many business leaders in the technology field are […]

The Big Picture, Not Just BIG Data

The acquisition and retention of talent is seemingly a quandary. Organizations of all sizes spend significant amounts of time and money thinking through the hiring process to devise systems that automate, scrub resumes for talent matches and search extensively on the Internet for experience and knowledge correlations to the open jobs. The bottom line, competition […]

Culture – 4 Imperative Steps

Understand. Define. Honor. Cultivate.  Products and services can be duplicated, but people can’t. Your people, who ultimately drive your culture, are the ONE defining difference of your company. You can stand on a mountaintop and shout we have “this” and nobody else does – so make your culture awesome. Culture should be like a magnet […]

Four Point Litmus Test for Career Happiness

We each put special attention into the environments we create for ourselves from choosing our life partners and friends to deciding on our form of transportation, home and the interiors within. All of these life pillars must pass our personal litmus test in order to be a viable complement for our personality, value system and […]

Four Unexpected Findings About Hiring Tech Talent

As conversations bubble up around the water cooler, in conference rooms across the United States and on the headlines of some the country’s largest business publications – technology is hot and tech talent is in high demand. The ongoing struggle seems to be the disconnect between employees and their environment, resulting in decreased retention and […]

Fish out of Water – No More

We’ve come to understand the analogy ‘fish out of water’ to mean unfamiliar or uncomfortable in ones surroundings.  While some may find cliché, we actually find it powerfully visualizing for employees harboring incompatible work environments.  When you aren’t satisfying basic needs, survival instincts take precedent.  No longer is it about ingenuity or calculated risks, but […]