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  • Overview

    A New Perspective

    Engage in our game-changing approach aligning people and organizational personalities for GUARANTEED compatibility. Success is measured with happiness and longevity – giving big payoff to both the individual being placed and the organization.

    We create co-destiny.
  • The Pairing

    Successful job placement is much more than a match of skills. We don’t match; we PAIR. Pairing methodology is used to unite companies with people. We engage people (both sides) and create synergy – harmonizing skills and culture for bigger success. We like success stories!

  • Perpetual Success

    PAIGE doesn’t define success one-dimensionally. It’s multi-dimensional and includes: education, data insights, compatible profiling, relationships, freedom of voice and interconnection. Not a one-size-fits-all ‘commodity’, but all necessary for perpetual success. We can guarantee that happiness breeds success, and who doesn’t want perpetual happiness?

  • Our People

    PAIGE is what we deliver. Just as companies deserve the whole candidate – the skills, values, work habits and personalities, they also deserve the whole Paige. We don’t promise conventional, but we do promise likability.

    See our brand story

  • Our People

    “We’ve changed the game and elevated expectations. Our goal – uncommon results. Our promise – it’s guaranteed!”

    Chris Wood
    Chief Organizational Alchemist
    Executive Bio (pdf)

  • Our People

    “Old school says a job is just work, we’re not believers in old school.”

    Andrew Alldredge
    Chief Workforce Alchemist

  • Staff


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  • Beyond Matching

    The perfect combination should be savored – co-destinies are not created by coincidence. Mundane skill matching may deliver volume, but not value.

    Our proprietary PTiTM allows for intense compatibility strategy – we PAIR the whole person with the whole organization. Everybody wins!

  • The Paige Process

    Process Diagram


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  • Unequivocally Compatible

    Culture powers positive momentum – the core vitality that ignites people, pace and holistic success. People create culture which ultimately becomes what differentiates one organization from the next.


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  • Overview

    Since we have a horn…

    The PAIGE process empowers potential. We don’t bring biases or rest on assumptions; we rely on tangible data and relevant experts for TOTAL positive results.

  • Surge

    Surge decreases the talent gaps by providing comprehensive course offerings. The Paige way – all active PT consultants are eligible to access available courses for up to one-year. This perpetuates our commitment to workforce sustainability and guarantees a positive scorecard with candidates and customers.

  • Community

    Part of the PAIR chemistry comes from local synergies. PAIGE is committed to augmenting regional talent pools by disrupting conventional staffing practices, attracting top candidates, anticipating talent gaps associated with changing enterprise and technologies, and committing to a training investment for each and everyone of the Paige consultants. This WILL create perpetual success – for people, organizations, and communities.

  • Testimonials

    Paige Technologies is a great partner. They are easy to work with and you get great results. They understand it is imperative for us to get solid tech skills as well as someone that is going to fit, hit the ground running, and gain the respect of their teammates – Paige delivers.

    –  Mike Hartquist, Vice President, CIO, Heartland Crop Insurance, Inc.

    Working with Paige Technologies is always a pleasure. They take time to get to know your company, you, and your team dynamics to ensure they place not only very talented folks, but great teammates. This type of dedication and determination is why we utilize Paige Technologies.

    – Kenny Baltzell, Manager, Software Engineering – IS Development, Jack Henry & Associates, Inc.

    We work exclusively with Paige due to their experience, focus and communications.

    – David Copas, IT21 Solutions, Principal

    Using Paige’s Intelligent Pairing Assessment, we have assembled one of the top development teams in the area.

    – Matthew Vogt, Software Development Manager, Heartland Crop Insurance, Inc.


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Get Paired

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  • What’s on your horizon?

    We promise to uncover career soul mates. People deserve to be paired, not just on skill, but the complete package. When core alignment happens, it’s net benefit for all.